Ukrainian Wedding Practices

Traditional Ukrainian weddings and so are with many diverse practices that help the ceremony to be different and memorable. They may be a wonderful method to celebrate with friends and family.

Diamond Traditions

The task of engagement can be extremely exciting for the bride and groom, because they start their particular journey to marriage together. It provides the proposal, exchange of bands and receiving benefits from a priest.

Ransoms and Gifts

One of the most common ukrainian wedding practices is normally presenting gifts to the bride. It’s really a bit strange, but it is definitely a beloved tradition that many girl desires to find on her wedding.

Groom goes to the property of the woman and presents numerous gifts to her family members. He also needs to response a number of questions to her family.

Korovai and Marriage Bread

Customarily, the women within the village generate a special kind of bread named “Korovai” which is considered to be the most crucial gift for the couple on their wedding day. This kind of bread is manufactured out of unleavened money, marshmallow or whipped eggwhites and symbolizes the support within the community.

Post-Wedding Celebrations

Following your wedding, the couple usually likes an exclusive celebration called “Shedding”. This custom is normally repeated in the reception as a mark of virility and prosperity.


People increase their glasses and wish the wedding couple a happy life. These are the to begin many toasts which the wedding party will need to hear. These kinds of toasts are very sweet and bring happiness to the fresh married couple.

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