Top 12 Causes of Excess and Obsolete Service Parts Inventory

inventory obsolete

You can change this property if for example you want to change a
‘bowl’ to a ‘bowl with water in’ but want to use the same inventory
item for it. If there is no inventory item there, or if invalid co-ordinates
are specified, returns null. The company now specialises in Ground Radar Systems bookkeeping for startups along with Aviation spares. In 1991 Tony Bathard the son of the original founder took over the company, teamed with David Rourke as the Marketing Director. CVC acquires the stock of Smartsell/DTL connectors over 10,000 lines of military connectors with full manufacturer trace.

  • Products often become obsolete when damaged or tarnished, however obsoletion can also occur when new technologies emerge.
  • By purchasing data-driven, you miss out on less turnover by stocking appropriate stock.
  • EOQ is the optimal level of inventory to purchase to meet customer demand.
  • Barcodes, RFID tags and QR codes are all different methods of AIDC.

Off-the-shelf systems intended for retailing environments or manufacturing environments are insufficient and will result in too much or too little inventory. Special skills, systems, algorithms and processes are therefore required that are optimised for a service parts environment. This allows you to analyse the products that have been idle and whether they can still be sold. The matrix below provides insight into a desired and undesired stock situation. This allows you as a shop to determine what your strategy will look like to tackle obsolete stock.

Top 12 Causes of Excess and Obsolete Service Parts Inventory

A common twist to exam questions is to ask students to evaluate whether bulk discounts are worth taking. While prices reduce, total annual holding costs will increase if more inventory is ordered at a time, so the matter needs a little thought. Then it is important as a shop to continue to create a need among customers. This can be done by constantly drawing attention to products through marketing campaigns.

inventory obsolete

It uses exponential smoothing to separately update the estimated demand size and demand interval whenever a positive demand occurs, and their ratio provides the forecast of demand per period. First and foremost, not updating after (many) periods with zero demand renders the method unsuitable for dealing with obsolescence issues. The second issue has been addressed in the literature by the proposal of an estimator (Syntetos–Boylan Approximation, SBA) that is approximately unbiased. In this paper, we propose a new method that overcomes both these shortcomings while not adding complexity.

Inventory situations

Customer satisfaction is a key factor in driving your business’s success. In a highly competitive industry with a saturated market, it’s essential to identify high-turnover items to ensure product availability at all times to meet demands to avoid losing customers. Issues such as late deliveries and out-of-stock are all frustrating experiences that can prevent new customers from returning and affect the retention rate of existing customers. These are missed opportunities leading to lost sales and revenue; if it continues to occur, it can damage your brand reputation. Barcode scanners, RFID technology and sensors with GPS tracking are must-have features in effective inventory management. As these details are saved and tracked in the system, it reduces errors, speeds up the pick and pack process, and prevents theft or losing items.

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